Laminated glass

Applying glass lamination technology allows to obtain a product consists of two or several glass panes connected together by means of the EVA film. The use of a new generation of film ensures safety in case of breakage because the glass is not displaced, the fragments do not scatter and do not crack in the form of sharp pieces. Tempered glass can also be subjected to the lamination process in order to increase its strength and resistance.


Applying lamination technology we can join different types of glass of any thickness, and using additionally colour transparency films, films with diodes, graphics, wallpapers, fabrics and unwoven fabrics, wire gauze, veneers and other materials you can additionally achieve an excellent decorative effect. The maximum dimension of the glass pane we can offer is 1500 x 3000 mm.


Laminated, safety, decorative glass is widely used as main part of:

  • glass wall
  • glass door
  • glass balustrades
  • glass canopies
  • shelves, glass furniture
  • kitchen glass panels