ALHEN ARTSZKŁO company provides services in the following areas:

  • TREATMENT OF MIRRORS – the ability to perform a polished or matte phase in single, double and triple combinations of any width,
  • GLASS PROCESSING – bevelled glass at an angle, hardening, grinding, cuts and another edge works of glass, chamfering and polishing glass with thickness up to 50 mm and the possibility of multiple phases performing,
  • glass lamination,
  • glass sandblasting and painting according to RAL, NCS,
  • joining glass to glass using UV method,
  • cutting by means of high pressure water – WATER JET,
  • FUSING – the technology of combining of different kind and types of glass using a special furnace to allow for glass melting, bending, shaping and decorating,
  • glass doors, shower cabins and self-supporting wall made of the tempered glass of thickness 8, 10, 12 mm, based on fittings from reputable companies such as DORMA, MORAD,
  • glass balustrades,
  • glass canopies,
  • manufacturing of modern glass furniture – small tables, cabinets, benches, desks, windows, furniture, equipment of shops, offices, hotels, according to our own designs and individual customer’s request. The combination of glass and wood and metal provides full functionality to keep modern design,
  • carrying out the implementation of the glass according to customer projects.